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The homework consists of laboratory and field exercises where you do things for yourself. They are written with California in mind. However, the exercise can be easily modified to work elsewhere. These materials are works protected by the Copyright Laws of the United States and international treaties. Limit use for individual and for educational purposes is permitted if proper credit is given. I will update items if asked that will receive heavy class use. Please ask. They may not be used for commercial purposes without permission.

We will do day part the first exercise in the second class meeting on September 30, weather permitting. Other exercises are do it yourself. My intent is to show that you can find out things for yourself in science and that imagination not technology often limits science. The exercises are all applicable to K-12. I will compile the results and distribute them to the class. Full credit will be given to an honest attempt to make observations and to follow the template for simple calculations. This homework is a key part of the course.

We need to plan around the weather, the phase of the Moon, and the biology of the region. Thus we will start some of the exercises before the matter gives covered in class. For example, you should look at acorns before the squirrels and jays eat or bury all of them.